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 Title Store

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PostSubject: Title Store   Title Store Icon_minitime18/07/12, 09:29 am

Brand new Title with picture---3500 DP
(Make your own title and supply the pic)

Brand new Title---3000 DP
(Make your own title)

(Specific) Hero Dorm Duelist at Heart with pic---2500 DP
(Description for (Specific) Hero Dorm Duelist at Heart and Different Dorm Pic are applied here)

(Specific) Hero Dorm Duelist at Heart---2000 DP
(If you love a dorm that your not in but want to have the title you can buy this. Example: If you're in Omni Hero Dorm but you love Elemental Heroes you can get this to have your title say "Elemental Hero Dorm Duelist at Heart")

Different Dorm Picture---1500 DP
(Supply a different Hero Card pic that's part of your dorm. Example: Don't try to get Flame Wingman if you're in destiny hero dorm.)

Custom Dorm Text---1500 DP
(Same Dorm format just different text.)

Different Text Color---500 DP
(If you like your Title but want a different text color buy this)

Title Swap---250 DP
(If you're part of the staff and you don't want that title you can buy this to have it switched to a title of a group you are in. The only reason you have to buy this is because it's something special.)
Titles will be made within 24 hours of purchase. Note: ULTRABAM1997 is the only Admin Making these and don't ask for anything fancy.
Only Five Title orders per day. Note: This is so ULTRABAM1997 doesn't get overfilled with orders
Post a reply saying what you want and make sure you have enough points to get what you want. Points will be taken away for purchases so SPEND YOUR POINTS WISELY!!!
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Title Store
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