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 Member Groups of Heroes Duel Academy

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Member Groups of Heroes Duel Academy and their Roles

Heroes Duel Academy members are divided into two main categories.

1. Regular members

Regular members are the students of Heroes Duel Academy and are divided into 4 Dorms called Evil Hero Dorm, Destiny Hero Dorm, Elemental Hero Dorm and Omni Hero Dorm depending on their dueling skill and knowledge.

2. Staff Members

Staff members are the personnel of Heroes Duel Academy. They bring order, monitor things, support and teach their students, lead all events, take care of maintaining the site etc. They are divided into following groups based on their roles:

Chancellors (Administrators)

Administrators have highest privileges. They make rules and organize the site, its sections and staff, are responsible for Heroes Duel Academy's functionality in general, keeping the site in normal flow. They also cover the jobs of all other Staff members, step in where others fail, or are busy, not letting the members feel the absence of some Staff (examples: they update Duel Casino if they see that Mods fail to do it on time no matter the reason, continue to lead the event like a tournament when the other Staff member that organized it gets inactive etc).

Vision Heroes (Moderators)

Moderators are 2nd in command and have all forum moderating privileges like editing, locking, unlocking, deletion, moving, splitting, merging. They monitor things going on in Duel Academy, giving support to members, solving issues between members, answer questions asked by the members, solve issues in Yu-Gi-Oh area too if needed.

Masked Heroes (Testers)

Testers are different from Administrators and Moderators who's jobs are mostly technical. Testers job is to test the new members of Heroes Duel Academy and see what dorm they belong in base on their dueling level. They also test existing members who would like a retest.


Teachers are also different from Admins and Mods. This staff position is all about Yu-Gi-Oh content and has no moderation rights. Their main responsibilities are taking care of Dueling Classes. This includes frequently making Lessons and being active in leading those discussions. Other responsibilities are supporting members in the Duel Support category (Except Dueling Teams) which includes: Deck fixing, answering Yu-Gi-Oh questions and being actively involved in discussions of that category to provide helpful information to members.

War Managers
War Managers are moderators of Team Wars. They are responsible for making all the wars go smoothly and moving topics into there proper area and updating the Team War Records.

GFX Team
The GFX Team is responsible for all Graphical Designs of the academy. They are responsible for design of the academy.

Dorm Leader

These staff members take care of their Dorms. When an event that involves Dorm(s) occurs, Leader(s) is/are called in front of their Dorm to lead them in those events (example: War between Evil Hero and Destiny Hero Dorm. Leaders pick which members will participate and decide on strategy etc). Also Leaders organize any kind of event in their own Dorm.

Regular member becoming a Staff member

Administrators are responsible for hiring Regular members as Staff members. Heroes Duel Academy needs many Staff members to function properly and every once in a while Staff members need to be replaced, or even new members hired depending on activity. To be seen from Staff as potential Staff member you need to bring high effort to Heroes Duel Academy. This means being very active, knowing Yu-Gi-Oh very well, contributing in Dueling Classes by giving good fixes for Decks answering questions in TCG area, answering Lessons, participating in Tournaments and Events, helping out Staff members etc. Do not ask to become Staff, just do what is described as important and you might be considered for the position after you fill out that application.

For Staff position advancement, Staff member obviously needs to do higher position's job as much as his/her privileges allow him/her. Administrators will notice it and reward that dedication fairly.
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Member Groups of Heroes Duel Academy
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