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PostSubject: DOOM_OF_LIVING RESULTS   DOOM_OF_LIVING RESULTS Icon_minitime07/05/12, 08:27 pm

Pointing System:
1. Deck: 10/10
-40 to 45 cards in deck: 10/10
-46 to 50 cards in deck: 5/10
-50 to 60 cards in deck: 0/10

2. Uniqueness: 9/10
-How your deck is different from the others... don't worry netdecking won't lose you any points

3. Attitude: 3/10
-How well you manipulate the duel

4. Duels Won: 0/10
-5 points per each duel lost (2 duel test)

5. Knowledge: 8/10
-How well you know the rulings

6. Concentration: 9/10
-How well and fast they respond to activation off other cards

7. Control: 3/10
-How well you had control over the duel and how long you had the lead

8. Consistency: 3/10
-How consistent you are with getting cards you need, and how well you held out in the duel

9. Combos: 1/5
-How well you are able to play of your own cards

U are Evil Hero Dorm
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