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 posting competition

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Age : 22

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PostSubject: posting competition    posting competition  Icon_minitime11/10/12, 10:19 am

ok guys to get you more welling to post this well be the posting competition , all what you have is make posts in the sections , make topic and increase your posting rating , how to win this easy the top 3 posters of the month well get reward :

1. place : 100 DP
2. place : 50 DP
3. place : 25 DP

this is easy just post and you well get DP

Rules :
1. dont spamm
2. dont post randome stuff
3. dont post pointless posts

if you break any of the rules you well get a warning and be out from the current competition

you might ask how i can increase my posting record , what i have to do , it well take forever .
well i am sure i well see this question a lot so to be clear what you can to increase your posting :

1. welcoming new members to the academy : each time a member is come to the academy and post his introduction topic
you can replay in there "welcome to HDA" or anything you like to tell him
2. threat room : in there you can post all cool vedio you like to share and it easy to post it from youtube , you can post too cool duel you have ....
3. nomination and voting : once a week there are the hero card of the week you can post in there your cards nomination and then vote and post in the voting topic , so you well get 2 posts each week so dont miss your chance
4. see for new topic and replay : this is the most comment way , each time you come to the academy and see all new topic , and then if you can replay to them post in there , but dont forget the rules
5. the counting Game : this is the easiest way that give you 1 free post a day , this is the link

ok i hope this help you and plz post in here if this help you

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posting competition
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