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 Testing Rules and Grading System

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Testing Rules and Grading System Empty
PostSubject: Testing Rules and Grading System   Testing Rules and Grading System Icon_minitime26/04/12, 08:40 am

This test system was made by Professor Banner and edit by mouzou

Current testers :
EbilKid (DN)
kazeshini (DN)
Professor Banner(DN)

If you are new to this academy, you will be tested to decide which dorm you will be placed in. You will do 3 duels with the tester and within those 3 duels, you may choose to switch your deck or stay with the same deck. There are different categories that your dueling will be graded on. The categories are:

Wins: 10 points if won. 0 points if loss. There is a total of 30 total points possible (10 points max for each duel)

Deck(s) Used: You will be graded on the deck you use. Creativity, number of cards, and consistency are what your deck will be examined for. There is a total of 30 total points possible. 40-42 cards in the deck are 5 points. 43-45 is 3 points. 45-60 is 0 points. Points earned is also from the creativity of the deck & the consistency (5 points max). This will be for EACH duel.

Performance: Your points on this section determines on the moves you make during the duel. Know your rulings, notice mistakes made by tester, and most importantly.. the plays you do during the duel. You will also be graded to see how you react to a certain situation (if your in a tight spot) Also, you will be watched closely on the moves you make for any mistakes and if it was a bad move or not. There is 30 total possible points you can get on this. 1-10 points per duel on how you duel (your tester's opinion).

Attitude: You will also be graded on your attitude during the duel. Saying "Good luck have fun" and "Good Game." Also to see if you argue or get "butt hurt" about things. 1-5 points (Your tester's opinion). So make a good impression.

Side deck : you will also be gradeed on your siding bettwen rounds . So you know how to replace cards bettwen your main and side deck withouth damaging your deck and at the same time huurting your opponent deck .

So to summarize it all up, do your BEST.

Testee cant use :
exodia deck
finall countdown deck
stall deck
burn deck
1 turn kill deck
dino rabbit

Tester might use meta deck , but all banned deck for testee are the same for tester

If you are a tester, your results should be posted like this:

Wins: ?/30

Deck: ?/30

Performance: ?/30

Attitude: ?/5

side: ?/5

Total: ?/100

Your Dorm Placement Score:

0-69 Evil Hero, 70-79 Destiny Hero, 80-89 Elemental Hero, 90-100 Omni Hero.

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Testing Rules and Grading System
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