Heroes Duel Academy
If you wanna be an Ultimate Hero then this is the place for you. You can learn everything from the basics to the ultimate tips. You can make new friends & just have fun. Welcome To Heroes Duel Academy!!!

The Ultimate Heroes of dueling are born here at HDA!!!
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 Heroes Duel Academy

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PostSubject: Heroes Duel Academy   Heroes Duel Academy Icon_minitime26/04/12, 08:38 am

What is an academy?
We help you with dueling
You can meet people and make new friends
You can make and join teams
Show off your dueling skills and artwork
Join and host tournaments
Just chat
It is absolutely free
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------How Does It Work?
You start with a test duel and proceed from there. After the test duel you are than placed into one of the four dorms. After you are placed in the dorm you are required to POST A NEW TOPIC saying you are officially in that dorm and you can introduce yourself in the introduce yourself section. After you have taken care of that you are free to explore the forum and log in on the Chatbox on the homepage.
No Racism
No Spamming
Advertising for other Academies
Soliciting without giving a product in return
Put Downs
No double posting
No necro posting(reviving an old inactive post)
No single word posting such as ok
No irrelevant posts

These rules apply to all users you can find the punshiment for breaking the rules in here
---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------As an Administrator
To promote somebody in a position of power you must contact all of the administrators
No deleting accounts or unfair bans
Follow all forum rules
If you have lost a position of power do not get angry, accept it.

We have also moved here form RDA (Rose Duel Academy)

Plus we are also under new leadership.

*Corrections will be added as needed
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Heroes Duel Academy
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