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 Battle Arena Official Rules

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PostSubject: Battle Arena Official Rules   Battle Arena Official Rules Icon_minitime03/10/12, 02:53 pm

Here you can challenge HDA members to battle arena duels to get DP , the winner must post a screenshot or the loser most confirm his lost.

The duel must be a match duel (2 out 3) or a tag duel if you are using YGOPRO, after you end the match or tag you post a new topic with name of winner, loser and screenshot of the duel if you play the match in DN , a replay if you play in the match in YGOPRO , and in the title you post .......vs........ for example cococo vs lol

The winner well be awarded with 50 DP
The loser well be awarded with nothing

if in Tag Team
each of the winner team member well get 25 DP
each of the loser team members well get 0 DP

You can only challenge the same person to a shadow/battle arena duel once every 3 days

Banned decks :
- Exodia
- Final countdown
- Stall decks
- Burn decks
- FTK decks

You can't win by drawing the 5 pieces of Exodia or by the Final Countdown effect

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Battle Arena Official Rules
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