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 Rules for War of the Numbers

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Age : 21

PostSubject: Rules for War of the Numbers   07/05/12, 09:04 pm

Quote :
This is the Backstory
Ever since the creation of the XYZ monster's strange things have been happening at Heroes Duel Academy.
On December 11th dark holes have begun to pop up on the island Heroes Duel Academy was built on. After a dark hole
disappears it leaves behind a number card. These number cards hold a very special power, once they are placed on
a duel disk they materialize. Heroes Duel Academy has hid the existence of these cards from students, but due to the recent happinings
they have been hidden through out the school. Without an owner these cards are powerless, they will try to make contact with their future
partner telepathically. Once a number has come in contact with their partner, they will either be possessed by the number or they will make a great ally.
The possessed students will want to start chaos throughout the school, it's your job to stop them. Hopefully most of you won't be consumed, but we must be prepared

1. Each Rper is only allowed to use the number card they signed up with in an RP duel, unless you have beat another rper in a duel and were awarded with their number.

2.All RP duels will be Best 2 out of 3. All duels must be accepted if numbers are at stake.

3.You may not influence any character other than your own, without their permission. This means changing their race, killing them or speaking for them.

5.Once your Character loses their number they are unable to win numbers from another Character and are out of the rp. The only exception is if the raffle winner has not been decide and you win, you gain that number and return to the rp.

6.You must follow the current banlist in your duels.

7.When you're replying to a post please make sure to include a quote from the character you are interacting with.

8. When making a post click on the topic area that your character will be and use the format given below.

 Posing Format


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PostSubject: Re: Rules for War of the Numbers   09/10/12, 07:02 pm

Character: ...Anyone wanna gimme his number?...........

Ill challange every1 for an duel here!
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Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: Rules for War of the Numbers   10/10/12, 04:08 pm

so after we register we can challenge anyone ?

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PostSubject: Re: Rules for War of the Numbers   

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Rules for War of the Numbers
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