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The Ultimate Heroes of dueling are born here at HDA!!!
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 Area Start

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Age : 21

PostSubject: Area Start   13/10/12, 12:02 pm

Has Falcon approaches the main building he feels a little sad that he's been gone for so long. He walks in and heads straight to the computer lab. he hacks into HDA's central computer memory and reads everything. He thinks to himself, "This needs to be stopped." As he starts to head out the Ou's Key & Number 39 start to glow. Then he sees Utopia as a duel spirit. He also meets Astral, a being who will help him on his journey. They talk and get to know each other better and then decided to work as a team. Jason then decides to walk around to see if he can find anybody.
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Ryann the Ra kid
Destiny Hero Dorm Duelist
Destiny Hero Dorm Duelist

Age : 19

PostSubject: Re: Area Start   13/10/12, 01:57 pm

"Well Here I am man this place is big I'm ready to start dueling like no tomorrow haha"
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Area Start
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