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 Shoutaro's One-Stop GFX Shop

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GFX Team
GFX Team

PostSubject: Shoutaro's One-Stop GFX Shop   07/10/12, 10:33 pm

Welcome to...

Here you can request for purchase any graphics you want. Signatures, Banners, Userbars, Avatars, and all that other fun graphic-y stuff. Anyway, here are my prices:

Userbar - 20DP
Avatar (200x200 - 30DP
Banner (400x150) - 40DP
Standard Signature (Larger than Banner) - 50 - 60DP (Depending on Size/Time taken)
Anything else - Negotiable

Here's how you post to request something:
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Age : 21

PostSubject: Re: Shoutaro's One-Stop GFX Shop   08/10/12, 08:13 am

GL in your shop and dont forget all GFX team member have a GFX shop item so you dont need to buy it from the main shop i return your DP to you

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Shoutaro's One-Stop GFX Shop
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